Meet Aurora

Surfer & windsurfer Jeri 250 – Jericoacoara – Brazil

Jericoacoara is....
An amazing wild landscape in the middle of many kilometers of bright sand dunes. It is the place in the word, in which I decided to spend more time as possible of my life. Why? Because, there I found the love of my life. Because the place is a little paradise, in which it doesn’t matter how you dress, how many things you did in your life, it’s just about living your life in a genuine and simple way, enjoying every day, the amazing ocean, wind, waves, sports, dunes, the nature, the famous sunset… the music. It is the one and only because you have the opportunity to stay in contact with people from everywhere just staying in one place.

Describe your ideal jeri-vacation itinerary
My ideal- jeri vacation itinerary starts early in the morning, it's worth waking up early to go to see the sunrise and, according to the conditions, go surfing, we regularly have great waves in Jeri. After 2 hours of surfing session it’s fundamental to start the day with a powerful breakfast, and my choices are to go to the Pousada Windjeri or to the restaurant Jeri Jù… in which you can enjoy fresh fruits, and all that you can desire to eat after some hours of sports. Now you have just to wait a couple of hours to go windsurfing. At 13:00 a little break to prepare a good plate of pasta or an açai, and again in the water for more windsurf…better if the ocean is wavy with strong wind ;)

When I finish the sports session it’s time for a snack, that can be some meat, or cheese skewer accompanied by some fresh drink. According to the time, and the energy it’s possible to ride horses until my favorite place in Jeri, behind the “sitio” from where you will see the most beautiful sunset ever seen. After that, it’s time to relax a little bit and get ready for the night, starting with a good dinner, good companies, good drinks and some dance time!

As an Italian girl, what is your impression of Brazilian style ?
My impression of Brazilian style? Brazil is so big that is impossible to talk about Brazilian style, because Brazil, exactly for being so big and full of variety, offers you a lot of choice. The thing I like the most where I live, is that you are not slave of the society, or slave of the time, because you are the owner of you time and your life.

Your samba moves are
I would love to learn some samba moves; I tried twice with the best teacher in Jeri (Mel), but it’s really hard... and I prefer to dance forrò…

A deserted beach is
Jeri of course !

Your favorite cocktail ?
I am not a fan of cocktails… as an Italian girl I really prefer a glass of red or white wine… but if I have to choose one cocktail I'll ask for “ciriguelaroska”.

What about Alma da Onda swimsuits?
Well, these swimsuits are the perfect combination between being elegant and comfortable at the same time. Until now, they are the most beautiful, comfortable and elegant swimsuits I ever tried. Moreover, my work is about wearing a bikini during all day, and every day, during my work at the water sports center and still in the water, windsurfing, surfing or padleling. In addition to the brilliant shape, the icing on the cake of these swimsuits is the tissue. It is like wearing something that let you feel free, and this is not easy to find.