Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Article 1 - Scope

The present Terms & Conditions « Terms & Conditions » are concluded between AF Fashion (trademark: Alma

Da Onda),  company registered under number 810 530 451 with the Register of Commerce of Nanterre, whose

Head Office is located 91, Avenue Jean Baptiste Clément, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt ("Alma da Onda") and

any natural person (The « Customer») who does not operate for business purposes, wishing to make purchase via

Alma Da Onda website www.almadaonda.com (the « Site »).

The Terms & Conditions apply to all sales of Alma Da Onda products (the « Items ») made through Alma Da

Onda website by order taking of natural persons’ customers acting in their capacity as consumer (within the

meaning of the act and the case-law) wishing to be delivered and who have their usual place of residence in one

of the countries that appear in the pop-up menu when creating a Customer account on the Site.

Alma Da Onda general Terms & Conditions also include the information mentioned on the Buying Guide and

the Legal Notice.

Article 2 – Order taking

The order taking on the Site is made according to the following successive steps that the Customer shall respect

to complete his order.

1. Selection of the Items: On the Site, the Customer selects, chooses and validates the identification and

the quantity of Items he wishes to order (whose availability is to be confirmed when appropriate by

Alma Da Onda); the Items are added to his "Basket".

2. Verification of the selected Items: The Customer can freely change his online "Basket" with the

selected Items, delete an Item initially selected, change the quantities ordered or add an Item by clicking

on the corresponding elements available within the "Basket". On the "Basket", the price of the Items is

automatically displayed.

3. Confirmation of the selected Items and order validation:

Once the Customer has completed his selection and when he wishes to validate his "Basket"

composition, he should identify:

- if he has an account ont the Site: his e-mail address (username) and password ;

- if he does not have an account on the Site, in particular:  his name, his usual address where the order

will be invoiced, his phone number. 

The Customer must also validate: 

- the delivery address of the order -it being understood that the online sale is exclusively open to

purchasers from countries listed on the drop-down menu when creating the account;

- The desired shipping mode (express or standard mail);

- and finally, the selected payment mode.

Once regularly entered and validated all the information, the price of the Items as well as the eventual

transport fees are automatically displayed. After disclosure of his credit card number, the Customer

clicks on the icon "Confirm my Payment” in order to debit his bank account.

The authorization to debit his bank account issued by his bank is displayed. It is recommended to the

Customer to save and/or print on paper form the said debit authorization. Upon authorization of debit of

the bank account of the Customer by his bank, his "Basket" is directly transmitted to Alma Da Onda's

Oder-picking Department and an order number is communicated to the Customer. This order commits

the Customer upon receipt of the "Basket" duly completed and validated by the order record page


4. Acknowledge of receipt of the order by Alma Da Onda:

Alma Da Onda then acknowledges receipt of the order by e-mail sent to the address provided by the

Customer. Pursuant to the provisions of Article 1369-2 of the Civil Code, the Customer formally

accepts the use of e-mail for confirmation by Alma Da Onda of the order content.

This e-mail of confirmation includes all the information disclosed by the Customer with indication,

where appropriate, of any difficulties or reservations raised by the order (availability of ordered items,

delivery times or selected payment mode). It refers to the order number assigned to the Customer by

Alma Da Onda.

5. Item shipping:

At the time of shipping of the ordered items to the selected address by the Customer, Alma Da Onda

sends an e-mail informing him of the receipt of payment and shipping.


Article 3 – Price and availability of stock

The prices indicated on the Site are in Euros inclusive of all tax (“TTC”), excluding delivery costs. The invoiced

prices are those actual on the date of order.

Possible transport fees will be displayed, when appropriate, automatically on the Site during validation of the

shipping method selection by the Customer and will be communicated back to the Customer with the order

confirmation e-mail. 

The Customer will receive, upon delivery, for each item, written confirmation of the paid price and delivery

costs charged to him.

Our proposed Item offering is subject to availability of stock

Article 4 – Payment

The payment of the Customer’s purchases is made by credit card. VISA, Eurocard and MasterCard are accepted.

Cards issued by banks domiciled outside France must be mandatory international credit cards. In this context, the

Customer commits to make payment via his personal credit card with the mention of his identity (name and first


By communicating his credit card number and/or his bank details, the Customer accepts in advance and

unconditionally that Alma Da Onda proceeds to the secured transaction. So the Customer allows in advance his

bank to debit his account at the sight of the records and statements transmitted by Alma Da Onda, even in the

absence of invoices signed by the card holder. The Customer's account debit authorization is always given for

the amount of the purchased Item(s).

The Customer’s bank card is then debited after verification of his satisfaction of the order to the present Terms &

Conditions, the availability of the item(s) and the time of shipping of the Item(s) by Alma Da Onda. In the event,

for any reason whatsoever (opposition, issuing centre rejection, etc.), the debit of the due amount would prove

impossible, the order will not be registered par Alma Da Onda and/or will be cancelled.

Article 5 – Shipping cost

See section Shipping, Exchange & Return of the Site

Article 6 – Delivery

See section Shipping, Exchange & Return of the Site

Article 7 – Cancellation, Exchange & Return

See section Shipping, Exchange & Return of the Site

Article 8 – Liability

The information (categories, names, definitions, items reproduction, characteristics and composition, etc.)

concerning all items offered for distance selling are available, in accordance with legal and regulatory

requirements, on the Site or through the Customer Department, from Monday to Friday, from 11:00 am to 7:00

pm (except bank holidays), by phone at +33 (0) 1 73 48 25 08.

While providing the utmost care and the highest accuracy to the online information, the characteristics of the

items and the available data through the Customer Department, as well as their regular updating, Alma Da Onda

should not be held liable for non-substantial errors that may occur.

Likewise, although photos and reproductions of items  accurately represented ont the Site -and that, within the

limits of the technology and in accordance with the best standards of the market-, they may, however, contain

non-substantial errors, that the Customer acknowledges and accepts. In any event, in case of non-conformity of

the delivered item relative its characteristics, Alma Da Onda is committed to correct this error, under the

conditions defined below. 

Alma Da Onda’s liability will not be committed for any inconvenience or damage arising from the use of the

Internet including loss of data, outside intrusion, presence of computer virus, interruption or lack of access of the

service, bugs, or other unintended problems.

Article 9 - Warranties

The items sold by Alma Da Onda are subject to the legal warranties hereinafter regarding the compliance and the

defects of the item sold. The Customer shall ensure that the items delivered to him match the order.

In the event the items delivered do not comply with the order or are defective, the Customer has the right to

return them in accordance with Article L.211-4 and subsequent of the French Consumer Code (Code de la


Alma Da Onda is released from its obligations by the occurrence of Force Majeure, unforeseeable circumstances

or Act of Government. The contract of sale between Alma Da Onda and the Buyer is then automatically

suspended with no compensation as from the date of the event’s occurrence. 

Alma Da Onda does not guarantee the expected results of a product and declines any responsibility for the

consequences of improper use of a product, in case off allergies, or any other consequences of recklessness in the

use of it. It belongs to the Buyer to read carefully instructions and labelling of the products supplied by Alma Da

Onda and transcribed for information only in these products description sheets on the website almadaonda.com.

Article 10 – Intellectual property

See section Legal Notice of the Site.

Article 11 – Personal data

Alma Da Ondas's policy of personal data is defined in the section Legal Notice of the Site

Article 12 – Privacy policy

Alma Da Onda is committed to preserve the privacy of the Buyer's personal data, as described in the section

Legal Notice of the Site.

Article 13 – Dispute resolution

The Terms & Conditions are subject to French law unless otherwise mandatory provisions such as arising from

Regulation EC #593/2008 of June 2008 on the law applicable to contractual obligations (Rome 1)